Tendons healed, nephew saved, pain gone!

Was at a Petrol Station yesterday and saw a man (Siphewe – left of photo) limping with a crutch and a brace on his leg. After some hesitation the thought came to me, “if you really believe God will heal him when you pray, wouldn’t you just go without hesitation?” So at that I went over and asked him what was wrong with his leg.

No more crutch! Siphewe's (left) tendons were healed, and his nephew (middle) accepted Christ as a result.

He explained the ligaments in his ankles were practically torn and thus he walked with constant pain. I mentioned Jesus can heal him and then knelt down and laid my hands on his ankles, after which he said he said the pain was gone, except for an area where one vein was still bothering him. Laid hands again and he said the pain was gone.

I encouraged him to test out his leg and he realized he could walk now without pain, and without the need for his crutch. Upon experiencing healing in his leg he asked for prayer for some other situations in his life — which I was happy to do as well.

As his family was waiting for him he got in to the bakkie (pickup truck for you non-South African’s ;) — and they drove away … however just a minute later they turned around and his sister was motioning me to come to them, and she was quite excited about how Siphewe’s leg was now healed. (Actually at this time I prayed one more time for a lingering pain in part of his leg — at which time he said it felt like electricity going through his veins, and the pain disappeared.)

She was all excited about what happened and asked me to pray for her two children (in the middle of the photo) — for protection, and other general requests. I also prayed for her son who at that moment accepted Christ in his life.

As we parted I couldn’t stop thanking God for how wonderful it is to be his hands and feet, bringing the health and healing which Jesus provided for all — both physical and spiritual … and of course the most wonderful of all — helping people begin a relationship with God Himself.

Not long after this an attendant at the petrol station introduced me to his colleague who had pain in her womb and head. After rebuking the pain and commanding healing in her womb and head, all pain was gone.

Again I left with a deep sense of deep joy in thinking about all that Jesus made possible for us to walk in as a child of God.

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  1. Friedel Hofmann
    Friedel Hofmann says:

    Please forgive the pun, but your Diepsloot mission is very touching! What a pity we are not next door, to just come over and share. God willing, Monika and I would lovvvvvve to drive over soon, to meet up with you and your inspiring family. There is a strong urge to hear about all that you have experienced over the past three years! We also have things to tell you.

    Kind regards,


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