Messages received in prophecy

Prophecy concerning faith, love, truth, doubts, evil, salvation, etc.

This is a prophecy I received for someone who had a variety of questions and doubts about faith and the workings of God in her life.  Many topics are covered here ranging from trials, doubts, the purpose of walking by faith instead of sight, the origin of evil, what is truth, what is love, etc.  I post it here  (minus any personal details) because I think others would benefit from the answers Jesus gave.  The prophecy may seem to abruptly jump from one topic to another, but this is because it was directly given to answer specific things this person wrote me about and wasn’t really meant to be a self-contained, stand on it’s own article.
God bless,


Dear one whom I’ve created and fashioned according to my perfect will and foreknowledge,

You look back on your life with many questions and much wondering — and I do not fault you for this, for if you look back, the natural mind is quick to come up with many valid questions that seem unanswerable; but the truth is this: I’ve been with you at all times.

Do you think it chance that you’re in the place you are now in your journey and search for answers and truth, even having this discussion now?

I am the master potter and I’ve formed you for a unique and powerful purpose — a purpose you can not fully see nor understand at this moment. It’s a purpose you’ve caught a glimpse of in those times when you’ve trusted and called out to Me, yet it’s unfolding, fruition, and specific shape and color has yet to be determined as so much depends on the course you choose to take. Your mind is confused and you look back and wonder how I could have been with you through all those difficult times. Yet I tell you assuredly, I was there and I AM here.

There have been times when My ability to intervene has been limited due to choices you or others have made, but yes, you’ve learned much and have come through the wiser for it.

May I suggest that you not look back on your life with contempt and bitterness, but rather with the understanding that I can use EVERYTHING you’ve been through to help activate and propel you forward towards the very purpose and role which you alone can uniquely fill if you walk with Me in faith and trust? In so doing your individuality, gifts, talents, uniqueness, godly desires and dreams will find fulfillment as you embark on the mission of life with Me at your side to help you navigate the stormy seas of this world, as well as to embark on exciting missions of discovery and those that will help others as well.

Yes, I do have a calling for you — I have a unique plan and opportunity for your life — yet, as you’ve discovered, life is full of choices, and I have limited Myself to work within the framework of your choices.

What I’m offering you is not a set of rules or religion. It’s not a methodology or “toolbox” of self-help instruments to be used within the framework of limited understanding and what “you think” — it’s more than that. What I’m offering you is a passionate relationship with Me which connects you to my very essence.

Yes, you’ve tasted of Me in times past, yet, as you see, you’ve let the waves of problems and doubts distract you from Myself. Remember when Peter looked at the waves instead of keeping His focus on Me? He began to sink. Why? Because He knew in himself he couldn’t “do” the “impossible” of walking on the water — it was contradictory to every form of human understanding. As long as He focused on Me it wasn’t a problem to do the impossible, but as soon as he focused on the “impossibleness” of the situation by looking at the waves and listening to his mind of natural understanding which told him what he was doing doesn’t make sense, then he lost the power to keep going.

So it is, now, with you. You’ve begun to embark on a journey with Me, a journey which requires walking by faith and not by sight, yet the voices of natural “wisdom” call out, “That’s impossible! It doesn’t make sense! What are you doing?!” I know it’s much easier to believe in something you can see and touch with your physical senses or which somehow rely on human capability and ability to obtain things — however, like waves, what can be seen and touched is not the full embodiment of truth; and even though they may seem to dictate situations, they really don’t — only I AM and I do — and as Peter walked on the water, so I can help you walk on in faith if you choose to focus and keep your faith in Me. … for when I am not in focus through faith, the very channel and connection is broken which allows My power, love, truth, and all that I am to flow in abundance which enables you to do the impossible and walk on the water in your relationship with Me. It’s like unplugging a TV from the wall socket. The TV is still there, but there is no power, no life, no flow of electricity which enables one to see and be activated. The TV becomes nothing more than a bunch of components with no purpose.

Look at all those people of faith in Hebrews 11. See what they went through for Me. Why? Because they were focused on Me (Jesus) and knew they were helping to construct My Kingdom — a Kingdom of true love and eternal purpose. They did not conform to the clamoring voices of the world (and even their own human brain) which were so ready to tell them they were crazy. It was not a “pipe dream” they convinced themselves of — they were simply following that inner conviction of faith which was completely contradictory to the voice of natural reasoning and “wisdom” of man. They were thus connected with My true wisdom — they were connected with Me through the vehicle of faith. Faith is tied to the internal compass I’ve put inside you which points towards Me and helps you know which way is TRUE north (the way to truth / to Me) — as opposed to the changing magnetic north of the temporal realm.

I created all the universe not by some outer tool, but by my very essence of who I am. I didn’t use an outer “tool” of power — I AM power. I didn’t use a guidebook of truth, I AM truth. I didn’t use an outside motivator of love, I AM love. There is no power outside of Me, there is no truth outside of Me, there is no love outside of Me. So, why the walk of faith? Faith is the vehicle by which people can connect with Me. It’s the “spiritual connection” to Me. I’ve created it this way so that ALL could simply understand and experience Me (indifferent of culture, creed, geographical location, resources, etc.) and so that no man could attempt to take glory to himself, his ideologies, his “tools”, his own wisdom, his “religion”, experience, or what have you — not because I’m “selfish” and some sort of glory-egoist — but because there really is no full embodiment of truth outside of Me, plain and simple. The moment people rely and put their trust in visible systems, “tools”, religions, laws of attraction, or other “understandable” things and what have you, above Me — they’ve in essence traded Me for some outer “thing”. This outer “thing” could not possibly contain the full embodiment of Me / My essence — it’s just physically and metaphysically impossible. How could the infinite be contained? It’s a contradiction in terms.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you can find many good things contained in various religions, methods, ideologies, etc … the thing is, these are only tidbits of the full picture… An absolutely minuscule piece of the puzzle; therefore it’s not wise to put one’s trust in these puzzle pieces rather than in Me — who is the sum of all the parts and full embodiment. To cling to a part to the exclusion of the sum just won’t take a person very far in their quest for truth.

So, back to the “faith” question… Faith connects to Me — it enables fellowship and relationship. “Seeing my glory” and even flashing my words in the sky doesn’t automatically enable someone to have a love-connection with Me if their faith and trust has not been activated towards Me. Lucifer saw my glory and still chose a path he knew would lead away from Me — so “seeing” is not the same as believing / trusting / having FAITH in Me.

Faith is the means by which one can enter in to a relationship with Me — the infinite — the full-embodiment of love, truth and power — the eternal life giver. Faith is the means by which truth can begin to be assimilated and understood and practiced.

I came to Earth in human form (Jesus), I lived and spoke with people, I showed that I am truly God by proving my essence through the love I shared, the live I lived, the miracles I performed, the truth and wisdom I displayed, as well as through the culmination of the crucifixion (and subsequent resurrection) and the judgment I took upon myself by allowing myself to be separated from my divine power and essence in order to experience true death for every man when I cried out on the cross, “My God, why have you forsaken me!” In that moment I experienced and took on myself all the sins of all humanity and the consequent judgment of complete separation from all the is love, from all that is Divine. In other words, there was in that moment the complete absence of light — in which case only darkness remained. Of course My subsequent resurrection sealed the deal and offered ultimate proof that I AM and that even death itself can not contain Me.

I did all this so faith would have a portal — a door by which one may freely enter (made possible through having the ability to recognize and perceive it clearly). Through the door of faith in Me, Jesus, one may enter in to fellowship and relationship with Me and thus be connected to all that I am. There is thus no need for dependence on outer tools or methodologies to replace the fullness of all that I am. Yes, some “tools” and practices are helpful in living a life of faith and love, and that is the purpose of all that is shared in The Bible — to serve as an anchor by which one may keep firm in My truth and aid in a relationship with Me. However, when the Bible is read without faith, true understanding remains hidden from the reader.

You see, the Bible is unlike any other book in the world. It’s inspired by Me and therefore is meant to be understood not solely by physical, analytical methods of the mind — but through the understanding granted when combined with faith which is the linkup with My Spirit. Sometimes this understanding isn’t formed the very moment a passage is read, but as I said, if someone “abides” and continues in My Word, then he shall know the truth and the truth will make him free.

This faith can come in various manifestations — the faith of a seeker crying out for truth — the faith of someone hurting who looks to The Bible for answers — the faith of someone who wants to grow in their relationship with Me and thus finds food for their spirit… In each of these cases faith is creating a vacuum in a person’s spirit which causes the Words read on the page to be enlightened by My Spirit and the truth starts flowing towards the vacuum, thus granting understanding. As it is recorded in John 6:63 that I said, “The Spirit is the one who gives life; human nature is of no help! The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” So true understanding of the Bible comes when read in faith. Even the seeker who may not know that I, Jesus, am truth — if he reads the Bible with his innermost being calling out for truth, he is calling out for My very essence since He has faith that truth exists and that it can reveal itself… He may not know truth is Me, but I will help Him understand this very fact, for I am the way, the truth, and the life.

I’ve given a portion of my power to my creation — for example to the angels as well as to humans. My power can also be seen in what I’ve created — the beautiful natural world I’ve created for people to enjoy. However, My power and essence is not FULLY embodied in My creation nor any “method” of operation — My glory and essence is too “big” to be contained within any thing except Myself … in fact, I am not contained, I am beyond all things because I created all things. If I created all things, it’s impossible for me to be contained by any thing or things, including the human mind. However, I do desire that my crown jewel of creation — people, experience a relationship with Me and for this reason I’ve created them in my image so that they may communicate and experience Me through the spirit which I’ve given them.

You see, evil is not a thing or person, it’s an absence of Me. Darkness is not a thing, it’s a state where light does not exist. Some give to much credit to the ‘Devil’ — thinking he has all this power in himself and is thus someone to be feared because of the “evil” he “creates” and the power he has… but this is not the case. Yes he has some power, but he’d have no power if I completely retracted all that I’ve given him — he, along with all people and all creation would immediately cease to exist should I completely retract my power and essence … everything would return to the “natural” state of nothingness — darkness and void — emptiness. But because darkness is the absence of light, the disappearance of the Devil wouldn’t mean evil would end … those who exclude Me will always live in various measures of void and darkness, with the high measures manifesting what has come to be known as evil.

I’ve given life to all My creation for a season. Choices are to be made and that’s what life on Earth is for. I extend my arms to all who would desire to come to Me and discover truth and eternal love. For those who come I also grant eternal life — a relationship with Me and a place in My eternal Kingdom of Love.

So in reality, you needn’t try to understand the role of the Devil. He’s simply chosen to depart from me and thus abides in darkness and void — the absence of love and light. The Good news of the Bible has nothing to do with the Devil, it has everything to do with a relationship with Me. This is what I offer to people, and this is what I offer to you.

I love you. My arms are wide open for you. Please choose to rest and abide in My arms so I may strengthen you and heal the wounds in your heart. It’s ok that there’s many things you don’t understand … full understanding is not necessary for us to share a wonderful relationship together; in fact, worrying too much about why this, that and the other is not spiritually healthy for you right now. I can guarantee that if you proceed in faith with Me, many of your questions will find their answers in time. There are many things I’ll show you, but they don’t need to all unfold at once. It’s a step by step process, just like a baby isn’t an adult by day two, nor is a caterpillar changed in to an unfettered butterfly except after time spent in the cocoon. I’m your cocoon. Yes, cocoons are needed sometimes in order for metamorphosis to take place… until that caterpillar enters the cocoon he doesn’t put himself in a position for me to do the miracle of transformation. Please, let me help you in giving you the desires of your heart. Let me help you experience the joy of salvation instead of slavery of the mind. Let me set you free from all the confusion you face … it doesn’t become clear by running away … it becomes clear by letting me renew your heart, mind, and spirit as you abide in Me and in My Word — in faith. If you lack faith in The Bible right now — that’s ok. But are you open to let me still work with you on this? That’s all I ask. You needn’t try and force yourself to have faith for it’s not something you’re able to do … trust in Me — I’ll raise Lazarus if you roll away the stone … just do what you CAN do and let me worry about what you can’t. If you’re able to simply give me a chance and trust that I’ll lead and guide you as a result of your direct faith in Me, then that’s all I require. Just lay out all your doubts to me and leave them on the altar. I’ll take them and work with you on them in time… but it’s always a step of faith to abide in Me — the natural mind can’t wrap it’s head around it, so I’d advise not to try and do so. If you can simply accept that I love you, that’s all I need to work with — we can take it from there. If you’re not sure of that, then I can still help you come to that place if you let me… It’s up to you — but just know that I do love you…

With much love,


(Video) Interview with God

Some people doubt whether God makes Himself available to provide specific answers to specific questions; God, however, doesn’t have any doubts.  He’s alive, well, and more willing to give than we are to receive. If we exercise a bit of faith and receptivity and deem God important enough by making time to listen to Him, then we too can experience a direct hot-line with the One who created all things.

“Call to Me and I will answer and show you wonderful things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

In any case, sit back and enjoy this beautiful “interview with God” which is accompanied by beautiful music and scenes of nature.