Face down in her shack – raised up and healed. God is good!

Healing Touch

Just a little update on whates been happening over the last four weeks.

I've been going in to Diepsloot and God's been doing amazing things.  During this time I haven't been doing any mass meetings, but just one by one, about 100+ people have been individualy touched and healed from their various afflictions, pains, and diseases -- and as a result, many have found faith and trust in the One Who created them.  One memorable experience was a woman who we found lying face down in her shack in obvious pain.  After taking her by the hand and raising her up, I watched as the beads of sweat began to disappear from her face.  By the time we left (a couple minutes later), she was sitting outside and set free from the pain that gripped her just moments before.  As we walked back to the main road we noticed another woman we had prayed for just a little while earlier -- walking around and telling people, "My foot doesn't hurt any more!  It doesn't hurt!"

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Igniting vision, sharing truth, and inspiring faith in 1000+ school children

Sharing at a Diepsloot school

Recently I've been meeting various people, pastors, and leaders in Diepsloot to see about organizing a place where people can come and learn more about how they can walk with God in faith and effectiveness. I constantly meet people who, after they experience Jesus' healing touch and are introduced to Him, hunger for more and ask where they can meet and learn more. So I'm in the midst of asking God to lead and guide so we can open up such a place, whether that means building one from scratch, or holding meetings in an already established venue.

One pastor I was introduced to invited me to speak at a school with over 1,200 students. My son went with me (he loves being involved in such things) and I had the privilege to inspire these young hearts and minds with truth from God's Word. A truth which inspires them with:

1) Vision for life. God created them for a purpose, and he knew them before they were born. There's no impossibilities for them if they'll only believe and begin to walk in what God has made available for them.

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