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John (left) just opened his heart to Christ and explains his dream to Warren (right) …

I met this man on the street in Romania about 33 years ago. He lost his hands and feet because he was mugged, thrown in an icy river and left for dead. He was found but lost his hands and feet due to exposure to the extreme cold. Some time later he had a dream in which a man came and gave him bread from Heaven. He himself ate and experienced such peace and joy that he embarked on a life dedicated to sharing this life-giving bread with others. He shared this just after praying with me to begin a relationship with Jesus. He said our prayer together was the fulfillment and beginning of living his dream.

“Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. The one who comes to me will never go hungry, and the one who believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35)

The love, relationship with God, and vision for life this man entered in to is the very reason we do what we do. Every person, whether king or beggar, has the same spiritual needs. The fulfilling, growth, or neglect of these needs directly impacts the quality of life and eternal significance one has not only concerning oneself, but upon the lives of others who are also affected or neglected as a result

About Living a Vision

One need not look far to see multitudes of people with multitudes of needs all around us. The question begging to be asked is: Is there a root cause and thus a fundamental way to help resolve the problems and fill the needs we see all around us?

Warren with happy kids after they’ve learned how to have a relationship with God.

Living a Vision is a non-denominational Christian project dedicated to sharing God’s love with all people. We desire to be channels of this love in practical ways and to do so through the dedication of our lives in full-time Christian service. This service is as varied as the needs of people (click HERE for a small sampling of projects we’ve been involved with), but our main focus is on activities which help nourish the root, determinate factor of happiness and fulfillment in life: The spiritual health and condition of the human heart and spirit.

Every individual, indifferent of race, creed or color, has spiritual “heart” needs and a hunger for love, happiness, peace, truth, acceptance, compassion, companionship, and meaning in life — and whether recognized or not — a vibrant relationship with God. Leaving these needs unmet usually results in pride and selfishness dictating “me-first” ways of behavior which damage individuals as well as all forms of relationships within families and societies; it’s even a fundamental, root cause of wars and international-conflicts as well as a general sense of apathy and lack of beneficial vision in life.

Young people happy after experiencing the thrill of participating in our Christian theater program and seeing lives touched and changed.

Imagine a world in which people truly love each other: No more wars, only peace and joy would be experienced. Utopian and unattainable as it may sound, it’s an accurate, Biblical description of God’s Kingdom which will ultimately have its fulfillment in Heaven (Rev. 21:2-4), but which may in part be experienced even right now (Luke 17:21, II Cor. 6:2, Rom. 14:17) within the heart and spirit of one who has accepted Christ (Jn. 1:12, Lk. 11:9-13) and thus been “spiritually born” (John 3:3-8) in to God’s Kingdom and family.

It’s our conviction and experience that a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and an accurate understanding and application of God’s Word (The Bible) is key to fulfilling all spiritual needs and thus unlocks deep reservoirs of happiness, peace and meaning in life. It also provides the foundation, motivation, discernment, insight, ability and practical guidance necessary for loving and harmonious relationships between all people, as well as the resolution of any and all personal or societal dysfunctions.

Warren sharing his personal testimony in a school.

We therefore focus and invest most of our time in expounding the truth contained in The Bible, especially as related to how one may enter in to and continue to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ as well as how to walk in the fullness and power of what He’s provided. We do this by hosting Bible Studies, Courses and Seminars, and various outreach related activities, as well as through personal counseling and simple one on one interaction and communications. Our passion is to go “outside church walls” in order to make Christ visible to those who don’t attend church meetings. We also seek to help and encourage Christians all over the world to be faithful to Christ’s call (Mark 16:15, Jn. 20:21) and actively reach out to others — to share the spiritual treasures and wealth every true Christian experiences in Christ. (II Cor. 4:7)

In so doing we believe we’re focusing on the core and root of individual happiness and social harmony as well as helping to fundamentally resolve and improve spiritual conditions that affect the same — this rather than only applying a bandage on a symptom. Bandages are good and needful, but the underlying cause must be addressed to truly improve and change a situation.

One who is spiritually healthy in his or her relationship with God can’t help but reach out to help others in some way (we’ve seen and experienced it time and again). Therefore promoting spiritual health within individuals results in these many individuals turning around and helping others as well. As this multiplication process advances, so the method for changing the world becomes clear, “one heart at a time”.

We believe if someone truly wants to change the world, there’s no better way than this … after all, it’s what Jesus Himself lived and taught when he walked the same roads we do now.

Who are we?

Living a Vision is the name and identifying “umbrella” for the non-denominational, Christian projects initiated by Warren Gray and his wife, Anya, who are currently residing and active in Johannesburg, South Africa. Warren and Anya have been active in full-time Christian ministry for twenty years in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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An electrical device and our relationship with God

An electrical device may look nice sitting on the shelf and you may be able to hear rattling noises if you bang it against the wall, but it will never “come alive” to fulfill its usefulness and “destiny” — the reason for which it was created — unless it’s connected to its source of “life” and power — electricity.

Not only will the device not find its purpose, but it will never experience the deep sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness that comes as a result. So until that device connects with its source of power it’ll be missing its “life blood”, wondering why it even exists, realizing it’s not “activated” — searching for that “something more” that it intuitively knows must exist.

Of course on “good” days the device puts on a good show and tries to sit-up real tall on that high shelf where he abides — but inside he knows there’s no power nor deep sense of truth and meaning, and even if everyone else thinks he looks successfully “prim and proper“, when he’s honest with himself he knows he’s hungry for something more.

Living a Vision  is dedicated to helping people “come alive”, become “activated”, and find their source of life and power by “plugging in” to the Creator — God Himself — through a personal and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. “In the beginning was the Word … the Word was God … the Word became flesh.”1 This is the Jesus we’re talking about. God Himself who “was made visible in human flesh”2 so we could get to know Him who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”3

We personally experience how daily fellowship with Jesus positively impacts every area of our life and every thing we do. No matter if it’s something “spiritual” or “practical” or “personal” or “professional” — God loves each person as an individual and He’ll be involved in our lives and interact with us as much as we personally let Him; He’s interested in the very things that interest us, because above all, He’s interested in us. There’s nothing as exciting or fulfilling as discovering the depths of God and experiencing His eternal realities that unite and become part of our daily life, thus transforming our life in to one with meaning and purpose.

Life, love, relationships, health, jobs, studies, children, friends, family, fulfillment, peace, happiness, motivation, direction, guidance, etc… There are so many ways in which His love and guidance can be “translated” in to our lives and experienced — but none are possible without first receiving His ultimate gift of love — the gift of Himself through Jesus Christ. For more on how to experience this relationship with Jesus please click HERE.

We hope this website will provide something for everyone who is truly hungry for truth — hungry for love — hungry for God. “For God is love.”4 and “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”5

1John 1:1,14 2I Timothy 3:16 3John 14:6 4I John 4:8 5John 17:3

Click HERE to view a Photo-History of projects we’ve been involved with over the last eighteen years in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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