Students find faith, hope, love, healing, and vision for life in Diepsloot

Kids in Diepsloot
A glimpse of life in Diepsloot

Had a great time a few days ago sharing with students at a school in Diepsloot.  I was involved in personally counseling the students as well as sharing with a classroom of about fifty students who all hopefully walked away with a larger vision of life, God, and what they could do to make an impact in their society.  

For those not aware, Diepsloot is home to about 250,000 people; many of them live in 3m-by-2m shacks assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal and find themselves living in the midst of violence and uncertainty.

Life for youngsters in Diepsloot is obviously not a bowl of cherries.  Some have endured things which others in more “sheltered” environments can only imagine.

It’s within this setting that I was able to participate in personal counseling and was able to share my experiences and ongoing life with God to a classroom full of hungry minds and hearts.  I encouraged the students to be all that God created them to be, first off by beginning a relationship with Him if they haven’t already.  All prayed and asked Jesus to be with them and to be filled with filled with God’s Spirit.

Happy students putting love in action after listening to the message.

Next I encouraged them that as God’s children, they can live a life as Jesus lived — one that impacts others with love, faith, and the power of God working through them in any situation.  This power was demonstrated on the spot when some came forward for prayer against various pains and ailments — and all experienced God’s healing touch.

I believe that a life connected to the very heart and life of God provides the hope, power, and vision for life these kids need to face and overcome the situations they find themselves confronted with on a daily basis.  I trust these sparks and flames of truth will burn even brighter in their lives as they step out to embrace and follow the God who will never leave nor forsake them — the God who is their hope, comforter, provider, counselor, and source of love and power.

Diepsloot students

Students in Diepsloot find faith, hope, love -- and the vision that they too can make a difference.