Grandmother healed from pain in her bones (VIDEO)

Blurry vision and painful feet healed (VIDEO)

This woman in Diepsloot had a stroke and was left with blurry vision and painful feet. Trips to the hospital and many injections later she was still the same.

Then, doctor Jesus came along and set her free — instantly after prayer! Here’s her testimony in this video clip.

Grandmother set free from painful sores (VIDEO)

This grandmother’s daughter died and she was left to care for three small children on her own based out of her small shack in Diepsloot.  We’ve ministered and helped her on various occasions.  In this video clip she shares how she was instantly set free from the painful sores that surrounded her waist and stomach.

Sweet older man – eyes healed (VIDEO)

While walking between the shacks of Diepsloot I saw this sweet older man (in the video above) sitting on his bench. When asking if there’s anything we could pray for he said he couldn’t see very well. Things were blurry, he couldn’t see many things that were close, or far, etc.

In the name of Jesus, His eyes were restored after prayer and we gave him a Gospel of John which he read the title from (he couldn’t do this before). He was also admiring the homes and hills in the distance which he couldn’t see before.

There’s actually many people getting touched, healed, discovering God, etc… but once in a while I take a video.  Last Saturday a woman could barely see out of her eyes … she was set free as well.

So nice to see not only physical restoration, but the hope and love that is born in their soul as a result of knowing God loves and cares about them.

Diepsloot men healed – “Now I believe!” (VIDEO)

A couple of them just couldn’t believe what God did for them… they didn’t believe that God could or would heal them (out of joint fingers, three years of back and hip pains, shoulder injuries, etc.) — then they experienced it — and found faith and experienced a paradigm shift as a result. The love of God triumphs once again, and people discover He’s real and loves them. In the midst of the spiritual and physical poverty of Diepsloot, a bright light is shining — God’s love.

Flu healed (VIDEO)

This woman asked for prayer after suffering with her flu symptoms. God set her free. Here’s her testimony.

Lungs and liver healed (VIDEO)

A woman came to one of our meetings in Diepsloot asking for prayer and healing in regards to problems with her liver and lungs.  She was scheduled for an operation, but it was no longer necessary after prayer.  She then wanted to come out that week with us to share the Gospel and heal the sick.  Here’s her testimony:

Video – Two years of pain gone

Enoch was introduced to me and was obviously full of pain in his body. For two years he’d been in this condition and it took it’s toll in his countenance. After commanding the sickness to leave in Jesus’ name he was completely set free.In this video clip a very happy and radiant Enoch shares his testimony!

Video – Man happy after legs healed at a petrol station

I met Joel at a petrol station and he mentioned his legs were in pain and have been (due to a fall) for a very long time.  This was obviously not a good situation for him as he needed to be on his feet constantly. After prayer, his legs were healed.  In this short video, Joel shares his testimony:

Video – Woman couldn’t walk, now she can

The last couple weeks in Diepsloot have been amazing.  I’m so happy to see people getting set free not only in their spirit, but in their bodies as well — getting set free from sickness and disease.  God is alive and well — and Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Since my last update a week or so ago about 40 people have been set free from various afflictions and pains in Diepsloot.

I’ll be posting some photos and more video testimonies soon — but here’s one to get you started.

Someone brought me to this woman who had pain in her legs and thus couldn’t walk.  There were two small boys nearby so I taught them how to pray and set this grandmother free from her pain –in Jesus’ name.

Another woman was also set free from back pain.  Here are their testimonies.