Grandmother healed from pain in her bones (VIDEO)

Painful skin eating disease – set free

Photos:  1) Today’s outreach team in Diepsloot.  2) Man in the middle (a bit skinny) was in bed racked with pain from a disease (which he had for five years) which was eating his flesh, causing splotches on his skin, and much pain — rendering him weak, unable to do even basic things. After prayer, he was up, doing what he couldn’t do before, and free of pain.

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Blurry vision and painful feet healed (VIDEO)

This woman in Diepsloot had a stroke and was left with blurry vision and painful feet. Trips to the hospital and many injections later she was still the same.

Then, doctor Jesus came along and set her free — instantly after prayer! Here’s her testimony in this video clip.

Grandmother set free from painful sores (VIDEO)

This grandmother’s daughter died and she was left to care for three small children on her own based out of her small shack in Diepsloot.  We’ve ministered and helped her on various occasions.  In this video clip she shares how she was instantly set free from the painful sores that surrounded her waist and stomach.

Woman transformed and set free

While out ministering in Diepsloot we came across a group of men who were drinking. One of them said we must go pray for another man’s wife, as she was very sick.

The man he was referring to, who was also there drinking, did not want us to do so and waved us away, but the other man came running after us and took us to her.

We arrived at her little shack and he told her we’d like to pray for her healing. She managed to barely get herself out of bed and in to a chair, with movements that seemed like agony for her at each slow step.

She explained she’d been unable to move without constant pain for months, and the doctors couldn’t explain why. She’d taken all kinds of medicine to no avail.

We told her not to worry, Jesus would set her free and we proceeded to command the pain to leave in Jesus’ name.

We instructed her to now stand up and walk, and as she did so, without the pain, she started weeping; she just couldn’t believe she was now able to move without pain.

Though she couldn’t manage to speak much as she was too busy weeping for joy and surprise, she did say that she previously felt like she “was in the valley of the shadow of death”.

She proceeded to pick up her baby and walk with her in her arms — something she hadn’t been able to do for a long time; as she did this, she continued weeping.

We pointed out how much Jesus loves and cares for her, and we left her with her baby in her arms.

The following week we came again to visit her and she was a completely different person; she was vibrant and full of strength and smiles with a light in her eyes.

There was no doubt that she was transformed — inside and out.

Sweet older man – eyes healed (VIDEO)

While walking between the shacks of Diepsloot I saw this sweet older man (in the video above) sitting on his bench. When asking if there’s anything we could pray for he said he couldn’t see very well. Things were blurry, he couldn’t see many things that were close, or far, etc.

In the name of Jesus, His eyes were restored after prayer and we gave him a Gospel of John which he read the title from (he couldn’t do this before). He was also admiring the homes and hills in the distance which he couldn’t see before.

There’s actually many people getting touched, healed, discovering God, etc… but once in a while I take a video.  Last Saturday a woman could barely see out of her eyes … she was set free as well.

So nice to see not only physical restoration, but the hope and love that is born in their soul as a result of knowing God loves and cares about them.

Diepsloot men healed – “Now I believe!” (VIDEO)

A couple of them just couldn’t believe what God did for them… they didn’t believe that God could or would heal them (out of joint fingers, three years of back and hip pains, shoulder injuries, etc.) — then they experienced it — and found faith and experienced a paradigm shift as a result. The love of God triumphs once again, and people discover He’s real and loves them. In the midst of the spiritual and physical poverty of Diepsloot, a bright light is shining — God’s love.

Flu healed (VIDEO)

This woman asked for prayer after suffering with her flu symptoms. God set her free. Here’s her testimony.

Shot, robbed, broken leg … healed

There were many people touched and healed on our last outreach in Diepsloot — but I want to share with you what God did for one particular woman.

We were finishing up with a group of ladies who were just freed from their various pains in their bodies after prayer when a woman from across the road called to us … so we went.

She started explaining about her daughter’s eye problem — which we proceeded to pray for.  She then mentioned the night before her family was held up by a group of armed robbers who stole everything they owned and shot her husband who was currently in the hospital. At this she started weeping and we were able to comfort her — letting her know how much Jesus loves her.

We proceeded to declare life and healing in Jesus name to her leg.  The pain disappeared and she was able to walk around with no pain whatsoever.  We repeated to her how much Jesus loves her and cares about her — enough to heal her leg. She couldn’t believe she was walking around when she couldn’t just moments before.

At this tangible proof of God’s reality and love we could tell she was visibly moved and much more at peace — that God is real, He cares about her and loves her.

We meet so many people in Diepsloot who feel there is no hope for them. They feel trapped in their circumstances and just can’t believe things could ever get better. It’s a joy and thrill, every time, to see God birth hope and love in someones life — just like He did with this woman whom He loves.

There’s more posts and audio teachings I need to put up. Will try and make them available soon!

Lungs and liver healed (VIDEO)

A woman came to one of our meetings in Diepsloot asking for prayer and healing in regards to problems with her liver and lungs.  She was scheduled for an operation, but it was no longer necessary after prayer.  She then wanted to come out that week with us to share the Gospel and heal the sick.  Here’s her testimony: