Happy children in Diepsloot

Here’s a few photos we took while playing with the children in Diepsloot. Often we’ll go in, our kids will play with the local children (games organized by Anya), and meanwhile I’ll be praying and sharing the Gospel with the adults (while God heals their bodies and spirits :)  (Don’t forget to click on the image to enlarge).

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Children’s Hospital and Convalescent Homes – Christmas 2010

Many people celebrate Christmas with joy, family and friends.  For others Christmas is a time of sadness and loneliness due to their particular circumstances.  Because of this, Christmas is an important time for us as we seek to reach out in special ways to those who may need an extra touch of love, hope, and friendship — and especially, an introduction to God’s eternal and personal love through Jesus, which is the whole message and meaning of Christmas.

Below you’ll find a few photos from a children’s hospital and a convalescent home that we went to during Christmas.

Click on the first photo to enlarge, then use your arrow keys to scroll to the next one.

Children’s Hospital:

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Convalescent Home:

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Funny things kids say.

I don’t know about your kids, but ours definitely say some funny things sometimes! Here’s some examples. (If you have any memorable quotes from your own kids, please post them in the comments section — would love to hear them!)

From Ashley:

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As she was trying to squeeze through the bars of the fence surrounding our apartment complex (instead of using the gate) Anya mentioned, “Ashley, maybe you shouldn’t do that — remember when Jessica got her head stuck doing that?” Ashley replied, “But Jessica isn’t here!”

Another time Ashley said, “Daddy, look what my shirt says — ‘I left my brain at home.’ Isn’t that funny? You can’t do that, because your brain is in your tummy!”

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“Daddy, are you sure that maybe we can go to the circus?” I said, “Kaden, you can’t ask if I’m sure that maybe…”  He replied matter-of-factly, “Yes I can!  Why did I just say it?”