Video – Has science rendered faith in God obsolete? No. Dr. JP Moreland.

Has science rendered faith in God obsolete?  No.  Dr. JP Moreland.

In this video, Dr. JP Moreland shows how science does not render faith in God obsolete, but to the contrary shows how faith in God is a logical conclusion when looking at the evidence. Some say faith is similar to a belief in Santa Claus -- something only sustained by emotionally needy individuals but which can not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Dr. JP Moreland shows otherwise. (To view video click read more) Read more »

Here I am to Worship – Music Video

Here I am to Worship – Music Video

I just had an awesome time worshiping the Lord and singing with the kids to this song. Grab your kids, play this video, sing, and get in the Lord's presence. Fantastic! Click read more to view. Read more »

Prophecy concerning faith, love, truth, doubts, evil, salvation, etc.

Questions about God

This is a prophecy I received for someone who had a variety of questions and doubts about faith and the workings of God in her life. Many topics are covered here ranging from trials, doubts, the purpose of walking by faith instead of sight, the origin of evil, what is truth, what is love, etc. I post it here (minus any personal details) because I think others would benefit from the answers Jesus gave. The prophecy may seem to abruptly jump from one topic to another, but this is because it was directly given to answer specific things this person wrote me about and wasn't really meant to be a self-contained, stand on it's own article.

. . . What I'm offering you is not a set of rules or religion. It's not a methodology or "toolbox" of self-help instruments to be used within the framework of limited understanding and what "you think" -- it's more than that. What I'm offering you is a passionate relationship with Me which connects you to my very essence . . .
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