Our rain and hail outreach adventure with the kids!

Kaden and Ashley with some hail.

The kids love to accompany us when we go out discussing "the meaning of life" with people! On one such adventure it started to rain ... actually, POUR! So we took cover under a little archway together with a bunch of other people! Here's a video clip: After about five minutes, the water level started to rise and we started to wonder whether we should build an "ark" or not! :) Read more »

Connecting with God – The altar and the incense

Altar of Incense

I was just reading the Bible with Kaden (my six year old son) in Exodus chapter 30 where God explains how the alter for burning incense was to be built. It struck me how God's instructions concerning this altar and the incense parallels our spiritual walk and offers insight for walking in fellowship with Him. This altar was located just outside the Holy of Holies (where God would manifest His presence) and was separated only by a thick curtain. The incense to be burned on this altar was a specific mixture set forth by God Himself... Read more »