Face down in her shack – raised up and healed. God is good!

Just a little update on whates been happening over the last four weeks.

I’ve been going in to Diepsloot and God’s been doing amazing things.  During this time I haven’t been doing any mass meetings, but just one by one, about 100+ people have been individualy touched and healed from their various afflictions, pains, and diseases — and as a result, many have found faith and trust in the One Who created them.  One memorable experience was a woman who we found lying face down in her shack in obvious pain.  After taking her by the hand and raising her up, I watched as the beads of sweat began to disappear from her face.  By the time we left (a couple minutes later), she was sitting outside and set free from the pain that gripped her just moments before.  As we walked back to the main road we noticed another woman we had prayed for just a little while earlier — walking around and telling people, “My foot doesn’t hurt any more!  It doesn’t hurt!”

So many people were touched by God’s love and healing over the last few weeks.  Some in hospitals, some in Diepsloot, some in various places as we happened to meet.  It’s wonderful to see the look on some people’s faces as they realize what just happened — because it’s not just about getting healed (only), it’s coming face to face with the reality that God loves them and at that very moment, He just laid his hand upon their life in an undeniable way.  Faith is born, and a relationship begins.