Broken bodies and spirits – healed and restored

Faith in the name of Jesus brings life and healing (Acts 3:16).  Here’s a few testimonies along these lines we’ve experienced over the past few weeks.  I’m sharing these with the hope they’ll be an encouragement for others to walk in and expect the same.  “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

1)  A man was lying on the floor clutching his heart, seemingly having a heart attack or something of that nature.  People were clamoring to organize a trip to the hospital.  I stooped down, laid my hands on his chest and proclaimed the healing Jesus already provided.  The man said a presence of peace replaced the fear that was gripping his mind.  Soon after his heart was no longer in pain, and no trip to the hospital was necessary.

2) A 70 year old man was hospitalized with blood blots in his lungs and legs.  Two days after prayer (and I’m sure others were praying as well), we received notice the clots had dissolved.

3) In a shopping Center my son and I were walking and noticed a woman on crutches just about to get in to the backseat of a car.  Knowing that love always leads to do to others what we’d like done to us, we went to pray for this woman’s healing.  After prayer she tried out her legs and said she previously hadn’t been able to step up stairs like she was just now doing.  Others observing from the car compelled her to come in as they were waiting for her, but we trust the healing was done.

4) Prayed for a man who had Tarsal tunnel syndrome (he said it felt like walking with the pain of constant pins and needles in his feet) – after prayer the pain was gone and he was healed.  He had another ailment in his arm, which I don’t remember the name of — but after prayer this was also healed.

5) A girl had problems with her jaw — it was separated and often “clicked” — after prayer, completely restored (and no more clicking).

6) While at a township in the Cape area a friend and I heard about a woman who was confined to bed due to pain all over her body.  We went to her home (a shack with a tin roof) and found her lying still and in fact, in extreme pain.  We proceeded to pray and the pain left and she was healed.

7) When leaving this woman a man called us over to his home (another shack) to pray for his mother — also in bed with pain.  Turns out she was having trouble breathing (due to Asthma complications) and had pain throughout her legs which were also swollen.  After prayer she could breath normally and she had no more pain in her legs.  After her son and the family present witnessed this, I shared that the same Jesus who healed their mother could also be present with them at all times.  They all proceeded to receive Jesus and asked Him to be present with them always.  I find that after people witness such an obvious demonstration of Jesus’ power, they no longer need to be convinced as to the reality and presence of God — they’re usually eager to experience Him in their own lives.

“And He (Jesus) cast out the spirits with a word, and healed ALL who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.” (Matthew 8:16–17)