More sickness destroyed in Diepsloot

One of the better sections of Diepsloot

Yesterday I was again privileged to walk the dirt roads in Diepsloot as God extended His loving and healing touch in to the lives of real people in tough situations. One precious older woman who needs to care for her grandchildren was in bed with fever and flu-like symptoms -- sweating profusely. It was a pleasure to hold her hand as God brought her healing and relief. The sweat dried up and she sat up obviously feeling well. She also said the pain from her leg (which had limited mobility) was gone, and she could begin moving her foot in ways she couldn't before ... another ... Read more »

Healing sickness and disease in Diepsloot – the importance

Friends in Diepsloot

Remaining healthy in Diepsloot can be challenging since many  residents don't have access to running water, proper sewage removal, medicine, nor can many afford to eat a nutritious and balanced meal. Then there is the plague of HIV and AIDS which ravage lives and spread not only amongst those making unhealthy lifestyle choices, but amongst the victims of those making those poor choices -- innocent women and children ... Why do I walk the streets of Diepsloot extending God's personal, healing touch? I think the answer is clear. Read more »

Students find faith, hope, love, healing, and vision for life in Diepsloot

Happy students putting love in action after listening to the message.

Had a great time a few days ago sharing with students at a school in Diepsloot.  I was involved in personally counseling the students as well as sharing with a classroom of about fifty students who all hopefully walked away with a larger vision of life, God, and what they could do to make an impact in their society.  

For those not aware, Diepsloot is home to about 250,000 people; many of them live in 3m-by-2m shacks assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal and find themselves living in the midst of violence and uncertainty.

Life for youngsters in Diepsloot is obviously not a bowl of cherries.  Some have endured things which others in more "sheltered" environments can only imagine.

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