More sickness destroyed in Diepsloot

One of the better sections of Diepsloot

Yesterday I was again privileged to walk the dirt roads in Diepsloot as God extended His loving and healing touch in to the lives of real people in tough situations. 


One precious older woman who needs to care for her grandchildren was in bed with fever and flu-like symptoms — sweating profusely.  It was a pleasure to hold her hand as God brought her healing and relief.  The sweat dried up and she sat up obviously feeling well.  She also said the pain from her leg (which had limited mobility) was gone, and she could begin moving her foot in ways she couldn’t before.


After praying for a child one woman led me to another shack to a man who was in bed with pain throughout his body.  I asked what was wrong and he said they think it’s some kind of infection, but they couldn’t identify it.  I laid hands on his chest and God sent waves of healing throughout his body.  Some time was spent just soaking in God’s presence as He did the miraculous work in the man’s body.

I asked the man what he was feeling.  He answered (still with his eyes closed as if enjoying and soaking up what was happening) that he felt movement throughout his body.  I told him, “Yes, God is moving things the way they should be.  You’re healed.”

He was very thankful and went on to tell me of some of the hardships he was facing — his belongings getting washed away in a flood, the struggle to provide for his family since he couldn’t move around while he was sick, amongst other things.  Needless to say the deliverance from this pain afflicting infection was to be a real boost in his life.  I simply shared how much Jesus loves Him and will always be with Him as he walks with Him.

We went on to another location and a man we were speaking with said to me, “Hey, did you pray for that guy over there?” (Pointing to the man I just prayed for who was now out for a walk.) “I saw him this morning — he was sick in bed and couldn’t move!”  The man pointing this out was obviously experiencing a paradigm shift in to the reality and realm of God’s healing power.


 The man pointing out the one just healed proceeded to ask me to pray for another person who was nearby.  He couldn’t speak English extremely well, but he could manage to say he had pain all over his body.  Hands on his chest, God did His thing, this man was soon stretching around and testing out his new body — the new, without pain version.  He asked when I would be returning.

The one I mentioned before is a leader in the community and expressed that he’s very keen for further meetings so others too can experience the reality of God in their lives.  I said I would certainly be back — it’s my life and what I love to do — bringing the reality of God’s supernatural love in to the lives of real people, in real situations.

Healing sickness and disease in Diepsloot – the importance

Could be any of us growing up in Diepsloot.

Remaining healthy in Diepsloot can be challenging since many residents don’t have access to running water, proper sewage removal, medicine, nor can many afford to eat a nutritious and balanced meal. Then there is the plague of HIV and AIDS which ravage lives and spread not only amongst those making unhealthy lifestyle choices, but amongst the victims of those making those poor choices — innocent women and children. 

Untold numbers of men, women and children suffer debilitating sickness and disease in Diepsloot. Many (in a society in which 50% are unemployed) find themselves unable to properly provide for themselves or their families — and this is multiplied and compounded when the breadwinner is sick in bed and can’t get up to care for his or her family. Kids go hungry; a grandma caring for her grandchildren (because her son died of AIDS) can’t get up to take care of the kids, and the list goes on.

Why do I walk the streets of Diepsloot extending God’s personal, healing touch? I think the answer is clear. It’s vital to be healthy in order to even hope to scrape by within the context of the dire living conditions the residents of Diepsloot find themselves in. Beyond this, the encouragement and positive paradigm shift people experience when experiencing  supernatural healing lets them know they are loved — by God, as well as by someone who cares enough to bring them this kind of deliverance.  A bit of hope in the midst of adversity begins to shine through … a burst of light within a previous realm and experience of darkness.  People begin to see there’s more to life than the pain they’ve experienced, and that perhaps there’s even more to life than they’ve ever imagined — a reason and a purpose for it all.  Faith is born; faith that leads in to a relationship with the One who created them … and safely under the shadow of His wings, they find a security, love, and purpose that could not possibly come from any other source.

Friends in Diepsloot

The core issue is this: God Himself made provision for the healing (spiritual and physical) of all mankind within the context of what Jesus has provided and accomplished. (See Isaiah 53:4-5 and Matthew 8:16-17). God is in the business of setting people free from all forms of oppression (Luke 4:18-19) and this includes liberation from sickness and disease.  This deliverance is extended and proclaimed through the hands and faith of all who believe. (Mark 16:17-18) Let us never make the mistake of asking why God would allow sickness and disease. Rather, let us askourselves why WE allow it when God has furnished us with His power to eradicate it.

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you … I assure you: The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these.”  — Jesus (John 20:21, John 14:12)

Looking into a grandmother’s relieved and peaceful eyes which just a few minutes before were marked with pain and suffering — perhaps I experience just a tiny bit of the love and joy that God Himself experiences every time someone is set free from this kind of pain and suffering — all made possible because of what He’s already accomplished through Jesus Christ.

Students find faith, hope, love, healing, and vision for life in Diepsloot

Kids in Diepsloot
A glimpse of life in Diepsloot

Had a great time a few days ago sharing with students at a school in Diepsloot.  I was involved in personally counseling the students as well as sharing with a classroom of about fifty students who all hopefully walked away with a larger vision of life, God, and what they could do to make an impact in their society.  

For those not aware, Diepsloot is home to about 250,000 people; many of them live in 3m-by-2m shacks assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal and find themselves living in the midst of violence and uncertainty.

Life for youngsters in Diepsloot is obviously not a bowl of cherries.  Some have endured things which others in more “sheltered” environments can only imagine.

It’s within this setting that I was able to participate in personal counseling and was able to share my experiences and ongoing life with God to a classroom full of hungry minds and hearts.  I encouraged the students to be all that God created them to be, first off by beginning a relationship with Him if they haven’t already.  All prayed and asked Jesus to be with them and to be filled with filled with God’s Spirit.

Happy students putting love in action after listening to the message.

Next I encouraged them that as God’s children, they can live a life as Jesus lived — one that impacts others with love, faith, and the power of God working through them in any situation.  This power was demonstrated on the spot when some came forward for prayer against various pains and ailments — and all experienced God’s healing touch.

I believe that a life connected to the very heart and life of God provides the hope, power, and vision for life these kids need to face and overcome the situations they find themselves confronted with on a daily basis.  I trust these sparks and flames of truth will burn even brighter in their lives as they step out to embrace and follow the God who will never leave nor forsake them — the God who is their hope, comforter, provider, counselor, and source of love and power.

Diepsloot students

Students in Diepsloot find faith, hope, love -- and the vision that they too can make a difference.