Hardness, drinking, fighting, trapped. Lives supernaturally touched with God’s love in Diepsloot.

The Love Cloud

Hardness and rejection melted by love. While out sharing the good news with people who come to the weekly training in Diepsloot we came across a woman nursing her baby. She was sitting on s step amongst a few other women and her facial expression was stone-cold and hardened. We started talking with the group of women there but none really wanted prayer for anything. We then struck up a conversation with this particular woman and she said she actually would like prayer. When we asked for what in particular she said, "for life". She went on to say life in general was just full of difficulty. So we proceeded to lay our hands on her shoulder and asked God to touch her with His love -- for the Holy Spirit to flow in to her heart. After a few moments she began to weep. It was obvious the sorrow and deep disappointments in her life were surfacing and being washed away. We proceed to pray Read more »

Shot, robbed, broken leg … healed

Love heals

There were many people touched and healed on our last outreach in Diepsloot -- but I want to share with you what God did for one particular woman. We were finishing up with a group of ladies who were just freed from their various pains in their bodies after prayer when a woman from across the road called to us ... so we went. She started explaining about her daughter's eye problem -- which we proceeded to pray for.  She then mentioned the night before her family was held up by a group of armed robbers who stole everything they owned and shot her husband -- who is currently in the hospital. At this she started weeping and we were able to comfort her -- letting her know how much Jesus loves her. We proceeded to declare life and healing in Jesus name to her leg. Read more »

Paradigm Shift – Living His Love and Power (AUDIO)

Paradigm shift - faith, love, and power

We are not called to think, perceive, and process things as people normally do -- with human limitations -- for we have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). We are called to live and experience a higher dimension; a dimension where God's Word dictates reality -- where the Kingdom of Heaven is the final authority -- where what we see with the eyes and perceive with our senses is subjugated to the reality, will, and love of God in action -- thus changing lives and situations. Read more »

Lungs and liver healed (VIDEO)


A woman came to one of our meetings in Diepsloot asking for prayer and healing in regards to problems with her liver and lungs.  She was scheduled for an operation, but it was no longer necessary after prayer.  She then wanted to come out that week with us to share […] Read more »