Happy children in Diepsloot


Here's a few photos we took while playing with the children in Diepsloot. Often we'll go in, our kids will play with the local children (games organized by Anya), and meanwhile I'll be praying and sharing the Gospel with the adults (while God heals their bodies and spirits :) Read more »

Video – Two years of pain gone

Enoch – healed and set free in Diepsloot

Enoch was introduced to me and was obviously full of pain in his body. For two years he'd been in this condition and it took it's toll in his countenance. After commanding the sickness to leave in Jesus' name he was completely set free. In this video clip a very happy and radiant Enoch shares his testimony. Click to watch. Read more »

Video – Man happy after legs healed at a petrol station

Man happy after legs healed at a petrol station

I met Joel at a petrol station and he mentioned his legs were in pain.  This was obviously not a good situation for him as he needed to be on his feet constantly. After prayer, his legs were healed.  In this short video, Joel shares his testimony - click to watch. Read more »

Video – Woman couldn’t walk, now she can

Woman in Diepsloot couldn’t walk, now she can

The last couple weeks in Diepsloot have been amazing. I'm so happy to see people getting set free not only in their spirit, but in their bodies as well -- getting set free from sickness and disease. God is alive and well -- and Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Since my last update a week or so ago about 40 people have been set free from various afflictions and pains in Diepsloot. Someone brought me to this woman who had pain in her legs and thus couldn't walk. There were two small boys nearby so I taught them how to pray and set this grandmother free from her pain --in Jesus' name. Another woman was also set free from back pain. Click to watch the video. Read more »