Sweet older man – eyes healed (VIDEO)

While walking between the shacks of Diepsloot I saw this sweet older man (in the video above) sitting on his bench. When asking if there’s anything we could pray for he said he couldn’t see very well. Things were blurry, he couldn’t see many things that were close, or far, etc.

In the name of Jesus, His eyes were restored after prayer and we gave him a Gospel of John which he read the title from (he couldn’t do this before). He was also admiring the homes and hills in the distance which he couldn’t see before.

There’s actually many people getting touched, healed, discovering God, etc… but once in a while I take a video.  Last Saturday a woman could barely see out of her eyes … she was set free as well.

So nice to see not only physical restoration, but the hope and love that is born in their soul as a result of knowing God loves and cares about them.