Girl in the train … and the tram …

Have you ever had the feeling the Lord really wanted you to speak with someone, yet the situation was such that people were all around and it would seem quite awkward to take the plunge? Such was the situation as we were on the train coming home.

There we were, the whole crew sitting in the train, (Anya, myself, Kaden, Ashley and Jessica) almost arriving at our final destination — but then I noticed a girl nearby, perhaps about 23 years old. She was trying to fight back tears yet not succeeding.

I felt the Lord wanted me to speak with her, yet the train was laid out in such a way that where she was sitting was like being on stage with crowds of people looking on.

After deliberating a couple minutes the Lord’s voice was so strong that I knew if I didn’t get off my bottom I’d regret it and wished I had for the rest of my life. I think that’s one of the worst regrets in life — thinking and wondering, “… if only I had… I wonder what would’ve happened…” — especially when it’s something you felt like the Lord was asking you to do, but then the opportunity is gone forever. Well, I think we all have some of those regrets — but I know that when a scenario like that has happened, it makes me not want to let it happen again, so in this case, I just knew I had to get up and speak with her.

So, off my bottom I went and I found myself picking up Kaden (who was sitting next to the girl) and setting him on my lap as I asked the girl if she spoke English. “Yes” she answered, and I asked her if she would listen to a song on my mp3 player. “Ok”, she said.

I had prepared Josh Groban’s song “You are loved” (click below to listen to a portion of this beautiful song) — and here are the lyrics as well:


“Don’t give up, it’s just the weight of the world. When your heart’s heavy I, I will lift it for you. Don’t give up, because you want to be heard. If silence keeps you I, I will break it for you. Everybody wants to be understood; well I can hear you. Everybody wants to be loved; don’t give up — Because you are loved. Don’t give up — it’s just the hurt that you hide; when you’re lost inside I, I will be there to find you. Don’t give up, because you want to burn bright — If darkness blinds you I, I will shine to guide you. Everybody wants to be understood, well I can hear you. Everybody wants to be loved — Don’t give up — Because you are loved — You are loved — Don’t give up — It’s just the weight of the world — Don’t give up — Every one needs to be heard — You are loved.”

As she started listening to the song the tears started flowing freely — yet these tears were mixed with a glimmer of hope — not exactly the same tears as before. When the song finished she said, “This is my song.” Very soon after the train stopped and she got off, one stop before ours — so unfortunately we didn’t have time to speak further — yet I can’t help but feel she felt a touch of the Lord’s love in that moment — a power greater than whatever problem she may have been facing.

After she got off I sat back and felt the Lord’s peace — as if somehow a battle was won in that moment … again serving as a reminder to me that it’s always best to heed the Lord’s voice, no matter what the situation may be or whether it fits nicely in to our “comfort zone” or not.

A similar situation took place in a tram. I noticed a girl crying and her friend trying to comfort her. Although I didn’t feel I should interrupt and speak with her, I did feel like I should give her a tract which contained a simple message of the Lord’s love as well as a prayer to receive Jesus. I proceeded to do it and sat back down.

I saw her read the tract and noticed her desperation seemed to subside — I then arrived at my stop…

May we always “be ready whether it is convenient or not” (2 Timothy 4:2) to share God’s love with those around us.

“For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” (2 Chronicles 16:9)

“So Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. Just as the Father has sent me, I also send you.”” (John 20:21)

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  1. Rudi
    Rudi says:

    Hi there Paul, Anya and the kids.

    Well, I have something short to share. It is about emotions which people interprit wrong, I thought I had feeling for someone, which confused me a lot, made me thing I should give this way of life one more try, but God clearly answeres my question and confusion the past sunday. telling me that it was brotherly love, nothing less, nothing more.

    I felt it clear in my heart to call up my friend(whom I know have been sitting in the same situation as myself) and started talking to him about God, about what God says about man and woman. He cried with me and we made a decision to fight for each other but in the right way, the way God wants us to fight and stand together, as brothers. Making this decision to straighten things out with him and making my case right with God, made me feel 1000tons lighter.

    I read the story about the train, and yes it is not always easy to get out of your comfort zone to speak to people, Speaking to my friend about this sunday evening was the hardest thing I ever had to do this far in my life, coz I didn't know how he would react to what God wanted me to tell him, I was afraid to loose him, but instead he thanked me and told me that God has been knocking on his door for a while and he didn't want to really open, but he did, and I am glad today that we both decided to listen to God, we both have a ways to go do deal with everything, to get into the clear, as the flesh is something hard to fight against, but God is the strongest between the 2 and He does not let people down when they asked for something.

    God really is amazing, and I know that God will still use me for great things.

    All praise to God, for he is a living God.

    Can I please get an amen from the crowd



    PS, yes, be ready to answer when God calls, it will not always be easy, but to everyone reading this, remeber, God will not take you where He can't protect you.

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Hi Rudi.

      Yes, when we look solely to feelings as a guide for what we should or shouldn’t do and then “interpret” these feelings with our own rational thinking, it’s very easy to divert from the way God has for us (the way of truth and thus lasting happiness).

      “There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way that leads to death.” (Proverbs 14:12) … “because the outlook of the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to the law of God, nor is it able to do so.” (Romans 8:7)

      It’s always wise, as you have done, to look to God’s Word for guidance — especially when we’re in the midst of something and our feelings may be confusing us. God’s Word is like a beacon of light which dispels the darkness and confusion of our fleshly understanding by clearly revealing the truth so that we may apply it to our lives.

      The problem is that many don’t want to follow the light and viewpoint of God contained in The Bible and thus end up cutting themselves off from God’s help and blessing. Many prefer to be “god” over their own life and live within a cycle of trying to fulfill their own desires (the flesh can never be satisfied) rather than following God Himself. (Proverbs 12:15) “And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.” (John 3:19) In this condition of heart many wonder why they can’t seem to “find” God, whereas God was trying to reach out to them to whole time but they’ve been rejecting His help.

      So yes, I agree, listening and following what God has revealed in His Word is definitely the best way; you’ve chosen the best by 1) Being open to accept His Word 2) Putting His Word in to action in your life.

      If we *keep* doing these two things, we’ll find His blessings start raining down upon us . . . because as He sees we follow the guidance He’s already revealed in His Word, then He’ll continue to lead and guide us as we seek Him.

      “For whoever has will be given more, and will have an abundance . . . ” (Matthew 13:12)

      God bless!

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