Grandmother and grandchildren healed

Christmas miracles for those in need

I always like to remind our children that Christmas is not about ourselves — it’s about Jesus, His ultimate sacrifice in giving His own life — and putting in to practice His admonition that “as the Father sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21)  In other words, Christmas represents living a life which touches the lives of others with God’s love — and spending time loving the One who made it all possible.

So, as a family, we went in to Diepsloot (as we regularly do).  Our kids played with the  children, people were set free from their ailments and diseases as we prayed for them, and some opened their heart to Jesus and experienced God for the first time. (One of these was a man who’s partly responsible for security in one section of Diepsloot.  Upon seeing people set free and miraculously healed, he opened his life to God.)  We also prepared some food parcels which we brought to the neediest people which were pointed out to us.

Grandmother and grandchildren healed

This grandmother was instantly healed. She and grandchildren accepted Jesus.

The recipient was a grandmother who cares for and lives alone with her five grandchildren in a small, tin shack. (The daughter has passed on, and no one is there to help her).  She was extremely grateful as she said she didn’t know what they were going to eat that day.

I asked her if she had any physical conditions I could pray for her for — but she said I had already prayed for her on a previous occasion (I didn’t recognize her).  Ever since then she said her then frequent pains have not returned.  She and her grandchildren all invited Jesus to be a part of their lives, as we then said a simple prayer together.  Two of the children then came to play soccer with us!