Kaden and Ashley with some hail.

Our rain and hail outreach adventure with the kids!

The kids love to accompany us when we go out discussing “the meaning of life” with people! On one such adventure it started to rain … actually, POUR! So we took cover under a little archway together with a bunch of other people! Here’s a video clip:

After about five minutes the water level started rising and we wondered whether we should start building an “ark” or not! :) A bit later the rain turned in to hail! BIG ones too!

Well, in any case, some life-giving seeds were sown that day!

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  1. Lukas & Mart
    Lukas & Mart says:

    Hi you guys,
    Your website is great!!
    It is great to be able to see where you work.
    This is surely the start of a new beginning.

    Love to you all.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Lukas and Mart!

      Thanks for the comment — you’re the first to leave a comment on our new website! It does feel nice to be able to give people a more detailed look in to our lives and mission. I guess after about eighteen years it’s about time to get a website up! Newsletters are good, but hopefully the website will provide even more insight in to what we’re up to and what “makes us tick”…

      Much love to you!

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