Video – Has science rendered faith in God obsolete? No. Dr. JP Moreland.

Has science rendered faith in God obsolete?  No.  Dr. JP Moreland.

In this video, Dr. JP Moreland shows how science does not render faith in God obsolete, but to the contrary shows how faith in God is a logical conclusion when looking at the evidence. Some say faith is similar to a belief in Santa Claus -- something only sustained by emotionally needy individuals but which can not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Dr. JP Moreland shows otherwise. (To view video click read more) Read more »

Here I am to Worship – Music Video

Here I am to Worship – Music Video

I just had an awesome time worshiping the Lord and singing with the kids to this song. Grab your kids, play this video, sing, and get in the Lord's presence. Fantastic! Click read more to view. Read more »

Prophecy concerning faith, love, truth, doubts, evil, salvation, etc.

Questions about God

This is a prophecy I received for someone who had a variety of questions and doubts about faith and the workings of God in her life. Many topics are covered here ranging from trials, doubts, the purpose of walking by faith instead of sight, the origin of evil, what is truth, what is love, etc. I post it here (minus any personal details) because I think others would benefit from the answers Jesus gave. The prophecy may seem to abruptly jump from one topic to another, but this is because it was directly given to answer specific things this person wrote me about and wasn't really meant to be a self-contained, stand on it's own article.

. . . What I'm offering you is not a set of rules or religion. It's not a methodology or "toolbox" of self-help instruments to be used within the framework of limited understanding and what "you think" -- it's more than that. What I'm offering you is a passionate relationship with Me which connects you to my very essence . . .
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(Video) – Inspiring images and music as Apollo 8 crew reads from Genesis.

(Video) – Inspiring images and music as Apollo 8 crew reads from Genesis.

Apollo 8 was the first human spaceflight to leave Earth orbit; the first to be captured by and escape from the gravitational field of another celestial body; and the first crewed voyage to return to planet Earth from another celestial body – Earth's Moon. After launching on December 21, 1968, Apollo 8 took three days to travel to the Moon. It orbited ten times over the course of 20 hours, during which the crew made a Christmas Eve television broadcast in which they read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis. Here's that reading together with some amazing photos from the Hubble Telescope and an inspiring musical background that someone compiled. Read more »

Funny things kids say.


I don't know about your kids, but ours definitely say some funny things sometimes! Here's some examples. (If you have any memorable quotes from your own kids, please post them in the comments section -- would love to hear them!) As Ashley was trying to squeeze through the bars of the fence surrounding our apartment complex (instead of using the gate) Anya mentioned, "Ashley, maybe you shouldn't do that -- remember when Jessica got her head stuck doing that?" Ashley replied, "But Jessica isn't here!" Read more »

Biography of Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Martin Luther's unshakable faith in God's Word was the foundation of his faith and actions. In this excellent biography put together by John Piper, we're reminded of the importance and prominence The Bible should have in the life of every one who hungers for God. One of the great rediscoveries of the Reformation -especially of Martin Luther- was that the Word of God comes to us in a form of a Book. In other words Luther grasped this powerful fact: God preserves the experience of salvation and holiness from generation to generation by means of a Book of revelation ... That rediscovery shaped Luther and the Reformation. Read more »

Why we do what we do. Vibrancy with God for all!

Paul and Anya

We just wanted to explain once again (in a small nutshell :) why we've dedicated the last eighteen years of our lives to helping others know Jesus. It is this: That all my come to know, experience, and trust in the immense love, depth, and fellowship of God and thus enter in to eternal life. “Now this is eternal life–that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.” (John 17:3) It's not about stuffing people's heads with Bible Knowledge, seeing how many "good works" we can do, trying to build up a reward for ourselves in Heaven, nor trying to satisfy some feeling of "duty" or spiritual "obligation". It's not about building up some sort of "wow" ministry, nor winning spiritual/intellectual arguments "for God". (Don't misunderstand me -- Bible study, good works, and ministry are important -- it's just that without experiencing the love, fire, and passion of an intimate relationship with God, we're missing the most important thing.) Our motivation is very simple... Read more »

(Video) The Ultimate Proof of Creation.


If you're interested to find out why the Biblical account of Creation as recorded in Genesis is the only rational and logical explanation for the existence of the universe (contrary to theories like Macro Evolution), you won't want to miss this video presentation below. (CLICK READ MORE below to see the full post with the videos). I consider this to be, as the title proclaims, "Ultimate" proof in the sense that there is no rational argument which can contradict these facts. Bold claim? Watch the video and see for yourself. Don't forget to share it with your friends as well! Have a comment? Feel free to leave it below in the comment section. Further description: Read more »

People (not animals) created in God’s image. The ‘Breath of life’ in Genesis 2:7. Why is there evil in this world?


“The LORD God formed the man from the soil of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) Let's take a closer look at this "breath of life" that God breathed in to the first human being. The NET Bible translation note for Genesis 2:7 sheds light on the original Hebrew word used for "breath" in this instance: The Bible differentiates between the "breath of life" given to human beings and the existence given to animals. Read more »

Buried with Christ – living a new life – Romans 6:4

Baptism of New Life

“Therefore we have been buried with him through baptism into death, in order that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too may live a new life.” (Romans 6:4) In II Corinthians 13:5 the Apostle Paul encourages us to "examine ourselves" to see if we are truly "in the faith". In a world where "Christianity" is often "practiced" as a fashionable mode of operation or a regimen of rules rather than experienced as a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ, it's so easy to get sucked in to the "normality" and various pulls of life and forget that our relationship with Jesus should result in us living a new life -- a life in which our visions, goals, time and viewpoints are markedly different than the world's "me-first" prototype.

"... we have been buried with him through baptism into death ..."
Jesus was crucified (for us!) and buried in a tomb. In the same way our old life characterized by "me-first" priorities should be dead, gone and buried. (See Luke 9:23.) Read more »