Why we do what we do. Vibrancy with God for all!



We just wanted to explain once again (in a small nutshell :) why we’ve dedicated the last eighteen years of our lives to helping others know Jesus. It is this:  That all my come to know, experience, and trust in the immense love, depth, and fellowship of God and thus enter in to eternal life.  “Now this is eternal life–that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.” (John 17:3)

It’s not about stuffing people’s heads with Bible Knowledge, seeing how many “good works” we can do, trying to build up a reward for ourselves in Heaven, nor trying to satisfy some feeling of “duty” or spiritual “obligation”.  It’s not about building up some sort of “wow” ministry, nor winning spiritual/intellectual arguments “for God”.  (Don’t misunderstand me — Bible study, good works, and ministry are important — it’s just that without experiencing the love, fire, and passion of an intimate relationship with God, we’re missing the most important thing.)

Our motivation is very simple.  Jesus Christ has radically and unequivocally changed our lives when we finally decided to fully trust and follow Him. (Jn. 1:12, II Cor. 5:17) The depth of love, peace, and fellowship we experience with Him on a daily basis is something we just can not keep to ourselves — we must share it our we’ll probably burst in to little pieces :) (well, something like that anyway.) We just love sharing with others how they may experience God because we know all who do will experience radically wonderful love and fellowship just as we are (… and we pray others may go even above and beyond what we have already experienced with Him!)

It doesn’t matter what church you attend (or don’t attend), what label you wear, or in what culture you grew up.  Jesus offers the same depth of relationship to YOU, sitting there, reading this, right now.  Perhaps you already know Him and know exactly what I’m talking about here (in which case that’s fantastic!); or perhaps you don’t, in which case I’d encourage you to Click on the “Faith” category and the sub-category “Entering in – The Starting Point” to read how you can begin this relationship with Jesus.  (We’ll be adding more writings and posts as soon as we can … we’re just getting started with the website here — please bear with us!  So much bubbling inside us we want to share … we just need a few more hours in the day!)

In any case words can’t do justice to what we want to express to you … you just have to experience God for yourself to fully understand how absolutely NOTHING compares to the wonderful, profound, immense and ultimate love, passion, fire, warmth, and security to be found in knowing God, knowing Jesus, and having His Spirit flowing within and without you as you go about your day in fellowship and conversation with Him. (Jn. 15:4)

(Disclaimer:  In case somebody is getting the wrong idea, let’s state for the record — we’re not perfect!  We have our ups and downs just like everyone … but God is always there with His arms wide open after we get off the roller-coaster! :)

Please, bring us joy by bringing yourself joy and invite Jesus in your life as your ultimate guide (Jn. 16:13), lover (Rev. 19:7) and friend (Jn. 15:15). Maybe you know “of” Jesus and have for many years, but you’ve never really fully given or trusted him with ALL, EVERYTHING. (Prov. 3:5-6) Please, that you may experience His fullness, ask Him to help you lay all down at His feet in complete, utter abandonment and trust.  I GUARANTEE you won’t regret it — if you don’t look back!  Keep walking on in faith (II Cor. 5:7) and you’ll find all you’ve ever desired (and more) in Him. (Ps. 37:4)

No, everything won’t automatically become perfect all of a sudden — life still has it’s trials and “bumps”.  But those trials and bumps are blessings because through them we can learn to trust in Him (and help others – II Cor. 1:4) who’s with us through those things.  If we hold his hand through it all in trust, we’ll come through it as gold comes through the fire — pure and refined (I Peter 1:7) in Him; until the very day we go home (to Heaven) (II Cor. 5:6-8) and the veil disappears — thus allowing us to behold Him in whom we have believed, in all His fullness and glory (I Cor. 13:12-13), as He (the very spirit of Love – I Jn. 4:8) pours, enters, and washes in to every fiber of our being.

Oh my, I must stop writing here or I’ll go on forever and you’ll never make it through this post!  (Plus, my three little kiddies are clambering at the door :)

Lots and lots of love, that’s what’s waiting for you!  Dive in and lets swim together in His depths! (Hey, check out the “Dive” music video while we’re on the topic by clicking on the “Music Videos” tag on the right side of your screen under “tags” … or, if that’s too much work, just click HERE :)